Pikachu Mass Breaking Out-chu! 2019


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Pikachu Sparkling Beat 2019

Art direction,Music,Design and animation

Credits [Projection Mapping]
Director : Kento Tomiyoshi(FLIGHTGRAF)
Opening Sound designer : Makoto Shozu(FLIGHTGRAF)
CG Artist : Zoltán Varga(EPER), Csaba Szabó(EPER), Phil Max Schöll(Weltraumgrafik), Ryo Chigira(SIGNIF), Kento Tomiyoshi(FLIGHTGRAF)
Projection / Audio Technical : Projection Mapping Association of Japan
VIDEO EQUIPMENT/technical : Magnux Inc.
AUDIO EQUIPMENT/technical : Shownan-Onkyou Inc.

Pikachu Mass Breaking Out-chu! 2019

“Pikachu Mass Breaking Out-chu! 2019” staged from August 6th through 12th in 2019 generated some 2,000 Pichachus, the greatest number ever, and “Pikachu Sparkling Beat” at Minatomirai-plus-Pikachu decorated the Grand-Mall Park and livened up Yokohama and Minatomirai area together with projection-mapped Yokohama Art Museum and LED-decorated Pichachus dancing.
mplusplus as the general director and famous creators, artists and performers from various circles are taking part.
Projection mapping artists are contributing a tinge of international taste, EPER from Hungary and Weltraumgrafik from Germany.



2019年8月6日~8月12日の期間で行われた「ピカチュウ大量発生チュウ!2019」では、過去最大規模の延べ2,000匹のピカチュウたちが登場し、みなとみらいの街×ピカチュウにて「Pikachu Sparkling Beat」と題して、横浜美術館全体へのプロジェクションマッピングやLEDの装飾をあしらったピカチュウ達の光のパフォーマンスでグランモール公園を彩り、横浜・みなとみらい全体を盛り上げました。