NATURE – Constellations de Metz 2022


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Music, concept, art direction , design and animation

Lighting Program support : Reiko Seike
Lighting Programer : Mikael Trochu
3Dmodeling(Cathedral):Madoka Itani
Event organizer : Constellations de Metz 2022 TEAM
Main Event place : Metz Cathedral
Animation inspired from : Phil Max Schöll (Weltraumgrafik)

Constellations de Metz 2022 

I began to remote-work often at home just like many others after the diffusion of Covid 19.  At first, I felt at ease and liberated, but with the passage of time, it began to tell on my body, and lastly I got in the blues.
“One day I flew out of my house and boogied on to the beach.  There lay indescribable beauty spreading in crisp breeze as far as the eye could see,” said one of our team members.  Every one of us could share the visceral longing with him.
Our artwork this time, “NATURE”, was created based on this primal power to move us to nature.  Nature can rock our five senses to their foundations even in our fast-moving IT world, and this can tell us there is still a tangible sanctuary in the midst of it.
We would like to make our few minutes’ artwork be the story of describing the moving encounter with nature.  The beginning is cast with a gloomy pall, the time we are hemmed in, and then the subsequent dialogue with nature is expanded.  We used the natural sound picked up from nature, while reducing the digital sound to a minimum.
Our stage, La cathédrale Saint-Étienne de Metz, has the greatest amount of stained glass in France.  It invites natural light and harmonizes effortlessly with the surroundings. We hope our artwork will jibe with the cathedral as if it is part of nature. 




舞台となるメッス サンテチエンヌ大聖堂はフランスで最も多くのステンドグラスを持ち、それらは自然の光を取り込み美しく調和している。我々の作品もまた自然の一部であるかのように、この大聖堂と調和するものでありたい。