SHIKISOKUZEKU – Moscow International Festival 2015 2nd Prize


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Sound design, concept, art direction , design and animation

Moscow International Festival 2015

“Shikisokuzeku: Form is None Other than Emptiness”
This piece got the second prize in Moscow International Festival of Light Art Vision Contest 2015
I got this idea, digging into the mother-lode of the Buddhism, form is none other than emptiness and emptiness is none other than form, the solidity of our life as we believe as it is is just a fleeting moment of our dream, and yet the dream lets you cry with tears and soar like an eagle in the blue sky.“City of Light” is glaring, but the glare is also carrying the shades of the environs of the people, the weather, and the landscape. In this piece I want to show their hidden connection, weaving a tapestry of Light and Darkness message that the things you are seeing are not the whole.


『Moscow International Festival of Light Art Vision Contest 2015』において2位を獲得した作品。大会のテーマは『city of light』。都市とは単なる物質の集まりではなく、人とものが集合し関係することによって成り立つ、ひとつの状態である。これは、「すべてのものには実体がなく空無である」とする仏教の根本教理『色即是空』のわかりやすい一例であるとも言える。 この考え方に着想を得て、都市の中に建つ建造物を生き物のように有機的に表現し、目まぐるしく移り変わる都市の姿を描いた。