ECHO – Signal Festival 2023


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Music, concept, art direction , design and animation

Visual Artist : Kento Tomiyoshi
Visual Artist : Nanami Tsuzuki
Sound Artist : Makoto Shozu
Photographer : Tomas Slavik,JanValášek,Dusan Vondra,Vojtěch Veškrna
Event organizer : Signal Festival 2023 TEAM
Main Event place : Czech Republic,Church of St Cyril and St Methodius

Signal Festival 2023

The sea is the storehouse of carbon dioxide. It is said that the basic foundation of the ecological house is phytoplankton.  For instance, a dead whale can nourish various kinds of creatures for a hundred years, of which phytoplankton are born, and then they absorb carbon dioxide that had been welded into the sea.

Thanks to the invisible boon of the seemingly unconnected incidence deep in the sea, we can sustain our life.  Whether or not we are aware of this graceful gift, we are all stringed with a cord of life.  This connection is not limited in the environmental world.  Just as the people here were once connected through the language and the rituals, today we are here woven together through sound and light.  In our artwork today, we try to describe the connection of the environment and people as a line, and it is transformed into a circle, and then the whole resonates in the Echo from the invisible boon.  We would like each and every person in the audience to feel they are part of the necessary life-line of the ecosystem.



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