DEAR PLASTICS – Milan Design Week 2022


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Music, concept, art direction , animation

Movie & Sound : FLIGHTGRAF
Movie Simulation : Akira Kondo
LAMPTopology Simulation : Atsuo Nakajima

Mitsubishi Engineering – Plastics Corporation

Milan Design Week 2022

Mitsubishi Engineering-Plastics Corporation exhibited a collection featuring a new material of sophisticated polycarbonate resin developed by the company at Milan Design Week 2022 from June 6 (Mon) to 12 (Sun). The exhibition showcased a material table KONOHA (*1), a wearable material sample GEKKA, and a color sample KIHANA (*2), designed by STUDIO BYCOLOR, whose work draws out the authenticity of colors and the essence of materials. This innovative material can retain its durability while applying colors, such as pearl, lamé, and other luminous elements, to the base material through exclusive technology. FLIGHTGRAF took part in creating the animation footage used in this exhibition.

This collection is a communication tool developed to communicate the fascination of the material to everyone engaged in the design industry. Furthermore, it is a material with futuristic potential for reducing CO2 and VOC emissions by eliminating the painting process that is conventionally required. It has received numerous design awards and is drawing attention from worldwide audiences as an outstanding commodity. The installation ‘FOR / PRO / DUCT’ examines the future of manufacturing and designing from the foundation (=materials) at Gallery Rossana Orlandi, home of the “Guilt-less Plastic” activity at Milan Design Week. We hope that you will experience a sense of innovative technology designed to address future directions in the long history of design through this installation.

※1 MATERIAL TABLE is a collective name for material samples for which STUDIO BYCOLOR has applied for a trademark in Japan.
※2 KONOHA, GEKKA and KIHANA are trademarks applied for by Mitsubishi Engineering-Plastics Corporation throughout Europe, the U.S., China and Japan.


230 Millionen + 1 – Future21


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230 Millionen + 1


Music, concept, art direction , design and animation

Event organizer : Future21 TEAM
Main Event place : Mueller Cloth Mill Industrial Museum


This number tells the story of “NEW” clothes discarded from apparel stores in Germany.  At this very moment, an incredible number of textiles are overproduced and discarded.  To make T-shirts, we need synthetic fibers, most of which are made from petroleum.  In other words, when we are wearing a T-shirt, we are, in a sense, wearing petroleum. And it is said that the petroleum our dear earth holds within will be depleted in 50 years’ time from now.  We are guzzling and losing natural resources of the world in our mass production and mass consumption.
But can we so easily criticize mass production?  Because of it, we can enjoy dressing up on the cheap, and there are people who are making their living out of buying and selling fabrics.  Superficial argument will not lead us anywhere, but then, what are we supposed to do?  To begin with, let’s take up mass consumption first.  With your +1 suggestion, our world may have a fresh new turn.



FUTURE21_1280_01 FUTURE21_1280_06

GRID – Macao Light Festival 2021


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Music,Concept,Art direction,design and animation

Event producer : Macao Government Tourism Office
Movie shooting : Casber U Ka Kit from Nebastudio

Macao Government Tourism Office

Macao Light Festival 2021

Macao is a small country, but is a repository of allures and mysteries.  It is not too much to say that Macao can take pride in her stunning treasures of 30 World Heritage sites.  This time we would like to express this metropolis as a spaceship.  We would like you to enjoy its construction process out of the blueprint we drew as if you were traveling in space.  We , too, are more than happy to accompany you as the crew members and travel with Macao.



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