PRISM – Macao Light Festival 2019


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Music,Concept,Art direction,design and animation

Music : Makoto Shozu
LED programming : Toshiki Yoshiike(mplusplus)
Lazer programming : Ryo Chigira(SIGNIF)
LED equipment assembly support : Nana Fumiki(mplusplus),Hinano Hasegawa(mplusplus)
LED equipment support : mplusplus Co., Ltd.
Laser equipment support : SOLU MEDIAGE inc.
Event producer : Macao Government Tourism Office

Macao Government Tourism Office

Macao Light Festival 2019

Not so many countries have so dramatic a history as Macao has had. Though tossed about in churns of historical currents of interventions from other countries, the people have waded through the currents with their flexibility and steeled conviction.  This conviction materialized, in December in 2019, in the form of her celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Macao Special Administrative Region.

To show our respect for the turning point of the 20th celebration, we created a projection mapping artwork to project to her landmark building, The St. Joseph’s Seminary and Church.  This seminary was established by the Jesuits and became the hub of their mission activities in Asia.  Its baroque architecture is adorned with the complex structure generating its beauty and diversity, which can tell us in turn a lot about the winding road of her history and culture.  In this artwork, we used 20 LED poles and laser beams.  Seeing the strength of the harmony emanating from the seemingly chaotic structure of the building, we introduced some uncontrolled random insertions into our artwork on purpose so that these unpredictable insertions will give rise to the chaotic periods of her history and then again be harmonized in due time, and lastly be solidified as one in the picture of the present day of Macao.  Our hope and endeavor in this tiny challenge of our artwork may give a little help that Macao will grow in strength and prosperity from now on as well