PAUSE – Noor Riyadh Festival 2022


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Music, concept, art direction , design and animation

Event producer : Noor Riyadh Festival 2022 team
Organizer : Maxin10sity Ltd.

Noor Riyadh Festival 2022

Our artwork this time focuses on “Pause.”  Aren’t we passing up many substantial ideas and beautiful things in our busy daily life in too swiftly sweeping societies?

We need to pause to take a good look at ourselves, and then to observe our object face to face, slowly, giving it sufficient time.  Maybe we will notice what we have passed by and a noticeable experience we have passed over inadvertently.  If you can pause and find this kind of slowly flowing time, it will nurture your inner vision to generate a new idea and to have enough courage to delve into a new experience. This is what we believe.

The theme of this artwork is the question addressed to all of us, “Can you now PAUSE?”






Particle Poetry – The Lighthouse of Digital Art | Berlin


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Particle Poetry


Music, concept, art direction , design and animation

Music and Sound design : Makoto Shozu
Simulation design and Motion graphics  : Akira Kondo
Art direction and Motion graphics : Kento Tomiyoshi
Motion graphics : Nanami Tsuzuki

Lighthouse of Digital Art, Berlin, Germany

There is the tiniest thing in the universe called a fundamental particle.  Some of them assemble together and form a world and some flew from the fathomless part of the universe and travel through our bodies.  Even though we have not known much about how these invisible particles precisely work and what they bring to us, some think they have some effective power on things and even on human mind.

Thinking of their miraculous existence, we made this artwork in mind that if these particles can exert their power on our mind and body, then they must have some effective power on architecture since they are material as well. The particles shot from space pierce through us and the effect spreads throughout the world.  And the seemingly far-away space must be linked with the world spreading in front of our eyes.  



FLIGHTGRAF_particles00001  FLIGHTGRAF_particles00003 FLIGHTGRAF_particles00004FLIGHTGRAF_particles00002

About participating in the Intervals Festival held in Nizhniy Novgorod


Art can get to our hearts, and enrich our feelings, and as such it will bring light and invoke hope and confer peace upon us. After contemplating a lot over our participation with our team members and the host organizers, we have come to realize it is meaningful to take part in.

Our artwork called projection mapping is created by projecting light against an object and giving it various expressions to the world, thus it can convey its creator’s hopes and feelings to the spectators.

“Light Turns Into Hope” is the concept and the title of our artwork this time. And we do hope that in this festival and through this festival people can experience and visualize what connects people with people and substantiates peace among us.

Kento Tomiyoshi
Makoto Shozu