PRISM – Macao Light Festival 2019


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Music,Concept,Art direction,design and animation

Music : Makoto Shozu
LED programming : Toshiki Yoshiike(mplusplus)
Lazer programming : Ryo Chigira(SIGNIF)
LED equipment assembly support : Nana Fumiki(mplusplus),Hinano Hasegawa(mplusplus)
LED equipment support : mplusplus Co., Ltd.
Laser equipment support : SOLU MEDIAGE inc.
Event producer : Macao Government Tourism Office

Macao Government Tourism Office

Macao Light Festival 2019

Not so many countries have so dramatic a history as Macao has had. Though tossed about in churns of historical currents of interventions from other countries, the people have waded through the currents with their flexibility and steeled conviction.  This conviction materialized, in December in 2019, in the form of her celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Macao Special Administrative Region.

To show our respect for the turning point of the 20th celebration, we created a projection mapping artwork to project to her landmark building, The St. Joseph’s Seminary and Church.  This seminary was established by the Jesuits and became the hub of their mission activities in Asia.  Its baroque architecture is adorned with the complex structure generating its beauty and diversity, which can tell us in turn a lot about the winding road of her history and culture.  In this artwork, we used 20 LED poles and laser beams.  Seeing the strength of the harmony emanating from the seemingly chaotic structure of the building, we introduced some uncontrolled random insertions into our artwork on purpose so that these unpredictable insertions will give rise to the chaotic periods of her history and then again be harmonized in due time, and lastly be solidified as one in the picture of the present day of Macao.  Our hope and endeavor in this tiny challenge of our artwork may give a little help that Macao will grow in strength and prosperity from now on as well





Inside The Invisible – BOREALIS a festival of light 2018


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Music,Concept,Art direction,design and animation

3D effect designer : Ryo Chigira(SIGNIF)
Event organizer : BOREALIS 2018 Team
Event producer : Maxin 10sity

BOREALIS 2018 / Maxin 10sity

BOREALIS a festival of light 2018

Wherever something moves, there generates a stream.  Some streams are visible like those of water and sand, and others are invisible but felt on your skin and in your consciousness like those of air or time.  In this art work we would like to highlight the region of those invisible and want you to experience the virtual world of the sensed invisibility.  Though spread on the map projected, it goes beyond the realm of “seeing” and “hearing”.  We are aiming at invoking the coarsened senses of the audience alive again.  This innocent search will provide an experience of having a glimpse of a streaming corner of the world or reminiscing about the forgotten trolls of their dreams.


何かが連続的に動くことで、そこには「流れ」が生まれる。水や砂のように目に見える事象もあれば、空気や時間のように目には見えないが、感じ取れる事象もあるだろう。 この作品では「流れ」の中でも目に見えない領域にフォーカスし、不可視の世界を探索するような映像体験を提供したいと思う。 プロジェクションマッピングという手法を使いつつも、それが単に「見る」ものであり「聞く」ものの域におさまらず、観客の五感やそこに紐付く記憶を呼び覚ますような表現となることを目指す。 この無邪気な探検は世界の一隅を覗き見るような、あるいはかつて見た夢を再び見るような体験をもたらすだろう。




DE PROFUNDIS – Imapp bucharest 2017


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Music, concept, art direction , design and animation

Audio Mastering : Lukas Taido
3D Animation support : Shinya Sasoh
3D Modeling support : Kenichi Hashimoto

Imapp bucharest 2017

His lifeline snapped off, an astronaut was roaming in the darkness.  He happened to make a haphazard landing on a planet.  There were creatures there that had evolved in their own way.  Their endeavor to get across to each other failed in vain, and the minutes of his life are numbered almost to the null, at the same time his consciousness fading, he sensed there appeared “something” enormous in the depth of his mind’s eye.
This story depicts the friability of communication we often encounter in our daily life. We should ask ourselves; Did “the field of communication, ×、○、△、□ around this moribund astronaut” really exist, or else who is it  that cannot communicate to the last?  The enormous being that appears at the climactic end slowly nictitates as if suggesting the whole be the projection of our inner world.


生命を繋ぎ止める鎖を失い、さまよえる一人の宇宙飛行士。 彼は一つの星に不時着し、そこで独自の進化を遂げた生命体に遭遇する。 お互い意思の疎通を図ろうとする試みも虚しく、生命のカウントダウンが終わりを迎える頃、 彼は目の前に巨大な「何か」が現れたのを感じたのだった。
これは私たちがしばしば遭遇するコミュニケーション不全についての物語である。 そしてまた、果たしてこの邂逅は瀕死の宇宙飛行士をとりまく「実存した」現実であったのだろうか?という点について考える必要があるだろう。 そうでないとするならば、私たちが最後まで意思を通わせることができないのはいったい誰なのだろうか? クライマックスに現れる存在は、すべてが内的世界の投影であることを示唆するかのようにゆっくりと瞬く。